Monday, December 17, 2012

Helemano Farms

We were excited to find that there is a Christmas tree farm here on Oahu:  Helemano Farms.  While there are other trees shipped from the mainland at this time of year, they sell out quickly and often come with uninvited guests such as slugs and frogs from Oregon and Washington.

Helemano Farms grows two types of tree--Norfolk Pine, seen above, and Leyland Cypress, seen below:

I really love the shape of the Norfolk Pine.  We learned that when cut in a certain way, they are able to grow a new tree from the stump!  The kids chose a nice-looking tree, and one of Helemano's employees cut it for us and helped us strap it onto our car.

A new Norfolk Pine tree starting to grow from an older stump.

We set up the tree in our living room, and it looked so beautiful in its natural state I seriously considered not putting anything on it.  But of course no one else agreed with me about that.  We decided to wrap lights only around the trunk, since the branches are so spread out and can't carry a lot of weight.  My oldest took on the task of getting the lights on, and then the other kids helped put ornaments on.  I love how it turned out--it's probably my favorite Christmas tree we've ever had.

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  1. Beautiful tree! I'd like to get a real tree, and they sell them all over in Texas, but so far Dan hasn't been up for it. I want to have two next year, so maybe we'll do it then. We actually have a little palm plant in our front yard, but it's not big enough for lights.